Astronomic Waterclock

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The Waterclock of Fondo owes its presence to the original idea of the clockmakers of the village, family Zanoni, and  it is now to be found in the very heart of the village near the city hall. The precious construction is placed in a protecting display case made of glass, where all the machinery is left visible. The construction is very particular, and is the result of a skilled work of craftsmanship. The initial project was aiming since its origin  at combining different measuring systems within a device moved just by the driving force of water. The tower of the clock shows on its four faces: 1. the time of the day in hours and minutes 2. the moon phase and the actual aspect of the moon 3. the day of the week and of the month according to the planets 4. the month and the position of the sun with respect to the zodiac. In addition, a cuckoo system provides to mark out the running of every hour and half hour. Its creator, Master Alberto Gorla, is one of the major clockmaking experts for what concerns the invention and restoration of such machineries, and in particular he’s the person in charge for the maintenance of the famous ancient clocks in Venice (S. Marco Square) and Mantua (Piazza delle Erbe). The new Waterclock represents though a unique masterpiece that enriches the village and attracts visitors from all over the world to admire its features.

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