Walks and Trekking



The village of Fondo is split in two parts by the “Rio Sass”, a torrent that runs through the rocks of a deep canyon. The gorge (100 mt. gradient) can be visited at different times of the day under the supervision of an expert that guides you along the path. Following the waterway before it deepens into the earth is also possible to have a very pleasant walk along the village and reach the beautiful Smeraldo Lake, where it is possible to rest in a pick-nick area, sunbathe or bravely have a bath. Starting from the town-hall square, you reach the church and turn right until you find the first path on the left; or you can alternatively follow the directions that from the porch near the bar “Croce Bianca” will take you past the place where people once used to wash their clothes. The path continues then in the wood, where there are two ancient water-mills, and sneaks in the final part between the rocks, which witness the secular action of erosion operated by glaciers throughout the centuries. Once you reach the small waterfall, you can walk over the dam and continue the panoramic journey around the lake, where fishermen are often to be found. To return to the village you can just follow the road from the Hotel at the Lake that takes you back to the main sIl percorso richiede circa 20minutiquare via S. Martino Street.
The walk take about 20 mins.

orto botanico


Once you reach the lake, you find in front of the hotel a small path that climbs up a hill. On top of it there is the botanical garden realized by the society of Tridentine Alpinists  (SAT), where visitors can admire some samples of alpine flora placed in their natural habitat and have a look on the valley from above.  The area can be reached also from the main road of Palade following the proper directional marks. Another interesting route starting from the same road leads to an enchanting wooded area created thanks to the work of SAT, the town council and the corps of forest rangers. To reach it from the lake it’s necessary to pass underneath the main bridge, walking along small paths and along the road of Palade for about 80 meters. On the left there’s a plateau with benches and you will come across information signs about the different species: majestic conifers of Austrian and Scotch pine, fir trees, precious mulch and various varieties of mucus and lichen. The area is thought to be an untouched oasis where it’s possible to follow the evolution stages of the forest ecosystem..
The walk take about 30mins.


palestra roccia


If you follow the itinerary along the Rio Sass, direction Smeraldo Lake, and keep on walking on the left side of the torrent, you’ll reach soon a natural wall where to practice rock climbing. During the walk, you’ll find on your left the new sports hall for the ice-skating and further on a water-mill on your right, to reach finally the area called “Ponti” at the beginning of Val Sedruna. Turning right on an ascending path, direction “practice wall”, you’ll find the cliff of Marino Stenico. This is a vertical wall with a sheer drop with different tracks, which are to be practiced by an expert climber. The facing north cliff is ideal for climbing during the summer, since the spot is well shaded. To reach Malosco is necessary to follow the level path on the right that goes from here to the nearby village. Another route in this area takes to the mountain hut where it’s possible to eat and buy the local products handmade by the shepherds. When coming from the lake, you find yourself at a crossroads: turning left you will follow a path through the wood, that leads you in the end to the pasture area for the cattle. The hut is opened during the summer and can be reached also by car. If you turn right instead, you’ll reach the area called “Manzara”, where there is another hut owned by the association of alpinists SAT, which is left opened for those who want to use the kitchen or rest for the night.
The walk take about 90mins.


From the town hall you can reach in a few minutes the area of the amusement park following St. Lucia Street. At the end of the street you find the cemetery and right behind it Dos Sedrena hill. To get on top of the hill you have to turn right just before the cemetery and keep walking along the rising path. On top of the hill there is a cross, positioned by the ancient villagers, and further back it is possible to have a panoramic view on the valley and in particular on Fondo. To get back to the village, you walk down in direction St Antonio’s Church, and run along the side of the nursery and the primary school in order to reach the principal square. The walk can be done both ways. Once you pass the cemetery and reach the amusement park, you can also decide to keep on walking as far as St. Lucia hill, where the namesake hill was built among the trees. In the Middle Ages there was a castle (of St. Lucia) on top of the hill but was later knocked down until the present church was built. The church is decorated with precious frescos dating back to the XIV century; these are visible both in the inside of the church and on the external walls. The church opens at given times during the week.
The walk take about 30mins.

Lago di Tret


To reach Tret the itinerary starts from the town hall, direction St. Martino Street, then follows the main road of Palade until you reach the junction near the B-Timber sawmill. You have to leave then the main road and follow the dirt patch into the wood up to the area “Griegi” that offers spectacular views on the Novella’s gorge. You’ll then reach Tret in a few minutes’ walk, passing by an area named “Santa”, where a little chapel was built to commemorate an accident happened in the wood, which is portrayed in a painting hanging in the inside.
To see the enchanting waterfall of Tret, you head to Hotel Aurora, and follow the proper trail marks that lead through meadows and country roads down to the base of the waterfall. Along the way there is a cliff and is also possible to do some climbing.
St. Maria Lake:  In Tret you can find also St. Maria Lake (or Tret’s Lake, m. 1160). To get there you can follow the main road of Palade and turn right near the Hotel Le Ciaspole. It is possible to reach the lake by car as far as the Hotel Scoiattolo, located in the area “Le Plaze di Tret”. Here you can park your car and continue on foot on the path n. 512.  Right near the lake there are two mountain huts where to rest and eat.
The walk take about 3hours.



The stroll starts from the town hall direction Mazzini Street as far as the junction for the town of Vasio, where there is a disused laundry. Here begins the bicycle lane that runs through the nearby villages to Salter and all the way back. You can also walk the distance going through the meadows called “Pradiei” up to a little chapel “Madonna Brusada”. It is possible to reach Sarnonico turning left on the path, which continues on the left side of the boundary cross between Fondo and Sarnonico (Cros da Fin) direction Seio. Another crossroad is situated at the junction for Seio and indicates a new direction to follow. Tourists have to walk south towards Dos of Seio, or otherwise they can choose to walk along the country roads, which will pass along the golf-course in order to reach Dos of Romeno. Dos of Seio and Dos of Romeno are exceptional viewpoints on the mountains and the valley.
The walk take about 2:30hours

Direction Castelfondo... SENTIERO DEL MONDINO

This trail allows to go through the gorge of the Rio Novella. If you drive along the main road nr. 42 you’ll reach Castelfondo and further on the area of Dovena, where it is possible to park the car close to a big stable. Dovena can be reached from Fondo also walking all the way down to the dairy, and then turning right on the path 522. The journey continues in the wood following the water of the Rio Novella as far as the gorge. This part is more demanding because of the presence of rocks and gravel on the path, but there’s no need of special equipment to go through it. The passage is provided with a rope and a metal footbridge to allow people to walk over the gorge. For expert climbers this area offers a nice spot where to practice (difficulty grades from 6°b+ to 8°b). On the same path 522, after getting again into the wood, you will reach Dovena arriving at the stable and the nearby parking area.
The walk take about 3:30hours .




Escursione di media difficoltà che unisce il piacere della camminata alla scoperta del patrimonio ambientale e naturalistico della montagna. Il sentiero appartiene alla rete di sentieri didattici forestali promossa dalla Provincia Autonoma di Trento.
Lungo il percorso si trovano 16 punti sosta informativi dove, attraverso un’apposita cartellonistica, vengono illustrati i principi ecologici e scientifici che sono alla base dell’utilizzo sostenibile delle foreste trentine. Il visitatore troverà inoltre anche numerosi punti panoramici e panchine per la sosta.  Tutto il tragitto è indicato dall’apposita segnaletica della rete dei servizi forestali.
Il punto di partenza si trova presso il “Spiazzal dal Legnam” in località Ponti poco distante del Lago Smeraldo di Fondo. Tutto il tragitto è indicato dall’apposita segnaletica della rete dei servizi forestali. Dopo aver superato la zona umida in località Ponti si prosegue lungo la strada forestale detta di Seio incontrando varie testimonianze storiche dell’intrinseco legame tra l’uomo e il territorio montano: il ch’iaretar, l’acquedotto di Malosco e una cava di ghiaia calcarea. Moltissime sono inoltre le particolarità naturalistiche della zona: ad esempio i massi erratici di Sedruna, gli abeti monumentali in località “Carbonare”, i larici centenari e infine i prati di montagna della località “Regole di Malosco”, amena e famosa località nota per la bellezza paesaggistica che sorge a monte dei paesi di Ronzone e Malosco dove termina l’escursione.
La lunghezza del percorso è di 7,5Km, con un dislivello di 490m ed è prevista una durata di 3:30 ore.


After reaching Lake Smeraldo continue along the paved road towards the shepherds' hut Malga di Fondo, then take the dirt road and continue until you reach a parking space near a little bridge; the road to Gonzana begins just before the bridge, on the right: crossing a valley rich in vegetation, this road skirts a stream that descends from the hut pastures. When you reach the brook that crosses the road on the left there is a waterfall; if you proceed for another 10 minutes you’ll find the remains of a kiln, where lime was made many years ago. From another bridge on the stream you can admire a deep canyon of spectacular size, created by the erosive force of the water flowing down from the pastures.
Journey time: 2 hours
Track difficulty: forest road, easily practicable. Comfortable shoes are recommended.


Starting from the town hall, direction St. Martino Street, where the homonymous parish church with its majestic steeple is situated, you will reach the main road of Palade that must to be followed for about 300 meters. At the fi rst road junction tourists have to cross the road to the left side, than walk up through conifers as far as a plateau with benches. It is possible to stroll all around the hill that offers panoramic views of the Smeraldo Lake and the botanical garden.


The botanical garden (realised by the society of Tridentine Alpinists SAT) is located in the “BERSAGLIO” area with beautiful landscapes on the Smeraldo Lake and on the valley. It is possible to reach the botanical garden from the lake following a short ascending path or through the main road of Palade with its proper directional marks. The visit is interesting for the knowledge of alpine flora placed in its natural habitat.


The stroll starts from the botanical garden and follows the trail mark number 10 through a gentle ascending path with conifers and beautiful views on the lake. Tourists have to follow the direction Monte Penegal as far as Val Mora and than go to the left at Pruà. In order to return to the botanical garden the trail mark necessary to follow is number 10.



The itinerary starts from the town hall, direction St. Martino Street, then follows the main road of Palade until you reach the junction near the B Timber sawmill. Tourists have to leave the main road and have to follow an  dirt road into the forest  up to the area “Griegi” that offers spectacular views on the Novella’s gorge. Tourists reach the area “Santa”, and then have to walk up in order to reach the splendid village of Tret. The return can be made on the same path.
Time: 3 hours