Canyon Rio Sass


Val di Non is “the” Italian valley of canyons since 2001, when the Rio Sass Canyon was made accessible with walkways and ladders that take visitors down to a deep ravine splitting in two the village of Fondo. Swirling waters, waterfalls and potholes, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites, together with the surrounding realm of nature originated in the past millennia can now be discovered in person. Figures at hand, in the majestic beauty of the Rio Sass Canyon there are 1,2 kilometres of walkways and over 1200 steps along 145 metres of elevation gains.
The excursion to the Rio Sass Canyon is a breath-taking journey through history and geology, along jutting walkways and steps that remain unseen from the village above. After receiving from the expert guides a safety kit complete with cloak, helmet and transceiver, visitors can go down to admire a thrilling natural view, real works of art sculpted in the rocks during the millennia. Drops, waterfalls, passages and drifts alternate in whirling bends accompanied by the endless roaring of the water swirling in the steep gorges. Light filters in and playfully transforms the colours of the rocks making them change at every level - even down 40-50 metres deep. The rocks – separated by drifts of 25 cm or ridges of about 30 metres - are dotted with red and green algae resembling sudden bursts of flames. All this and more make this hike magic and scenic, an excursion to see in person to enjoy the realm of nature. A richness that fortunately mankind still intends to preserve.

A natural environment of incomparable beauty... offered by the Fondo canyon, the deep gorge cutting the important village in Alta Val di Non. Since 2001 the canyon is accessible thanks to footbridges and stairs, to let you discover swirling waters, waterfalls and potholes, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites. 145 metres gradient and 1200 steps: two hours of excitement! An amazing experience requiring just a few small precautions: with a yellow cape and a protective helmet, you’ll be ready for discovering a really fascinating world.

Information and booking

The Canyon is open from April until November.
Reservation is required, it’s not possible to visit the canyon independently, in fact it is a guided tour. The tour lasts two hours (a total of 2,5 km).
Equipment supplied for the excursion: protective helmet and impermeable oilskin cape. For this outing we recommend wearing sports or casual wear and comfortable mountain shoes.
The tour costs 9€ for adults and 6€ for children between the 6 and 12 years old. The tour is free for children under the 6 years and for tourists with the Trentino Guest Card.

more information
or in office to Cooperativa Smeraldo in Piazza San Giovanni a Fondo
Phone: 0463.850000